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Children Embracing in Circle

PABC Welcomes You!

At Park Avenue Baptist Church, we offer the ultimate summer financial experience. Students will have an opportunity to experience "The Money Game" created by Creative Wealth International.  We pride ourselves on our nurturing and caring environment that allows students of all ages to try new activities and challenge themselves in a safe setting.

When it comes to money, we want our children to have a success plan.  This summer we will focus on:

• How to earn money doing what they love

• Smart banking 

• A financial success plan (budget)

• How to establish good credit and live debt free

• Smart strategies for saving and investing

• When to use insurance to protect against a loss

Join us this summer for our Financial Literacy Program!

Learn more about us below or reach out to us for more information.

486 Park Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

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    What Will Children Learn?

    1. Financial Freedom is Your Choice

    Choice is a powerful tool and the first step in any achievement. We want kids to know that they must choose to grow up financially free before they will be motivated to take action to create this for themselves. In order to reach a goal, any goal, the goal must first be chosen.

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