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About: About Us

An Organization for Community Wellness


In order for a community to achieve wellness, the individuals in the community have to unlock their full potential.  This takes a willingness to be active, engaged, motivated, and dedicated to the work of self healing. Open Arms Community Leaders teaches you to heal yourself, so your community can heal.


Open Arms Community Leaders achieves community wellness through development and empowerment of self and community. 


We have an everlasting impact on the well-being of communities. 


Fists in Solidarity


Open Arms Community Leaders offers classes and courses for families that promote personal development and empowerment.  We offer a financial literacy summer camp, and after school program with a financial literacy and wellness focus, and Saturday classes for families that aids spiritual and intellectual wellness.


Open Arms Community Leaders is a community outreach organization rooted in unconditional love for ourselves and our community. Our philosophy is grounded in healing ourselves through inner transformation so we can heal the community around us.  We strive to bring disadvantaged communities together by focusing on spiritual and intellectual wellness. 

"Your greatest self has been waiting your whole life; don't make it wait any longer."-Dr. Steve Maraboli

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