"Your greatest self has been waiting your whole life; don't make it wait any longer."-Dr. Steve Maraboli


About Us


Open Arms Community Leaders will produce a nonprofit, private academy with a 2023 - 2024 projected start year. It will serve grade 8 in its first year and add a grade each year to grade 12.  It joins the community and education industry, through executing community service projects, providing family support and training, and educating students and families using a community school model.


Open Arms Metaphysical Church is a faith-based community rooted in the love of God, the Most High Creator. We believe union with The Most High is not just found in church; it’s a daily core practice. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in knowing our God-self through inner transformation and the spiritual guidance of the Holy Word.  Come and join us to experience the presence of The Most High in every aspect of your life.  There’s a place for you at Open Arms Metaphysical Church.





Rev. Dr. LaToya Major-McIntosh is an avid educator and life-long learner.  She is a mother of 3 wonderful children and wife of an amazing life partner. She is a sister and a daughter in families who support and love her. She earned degrees in middle grades and leadership education with the goal of supporting teachers and students in achieving academic excellence.  Beyond this work, LaToya found an interest in learning more about biblical principles, how these principles apply to everyday living, and life beyond the physical realm.  In seeking knowledge, she enrolled at the University of Sedona where she learned more about the spiritual aspects of life and how to apply the teachings of Christ.  Here, LaToya earned a Doctor of Metaphysical Science and was ordained as a Metaphysical Minister and certified as a Metaphysical Practitioner in 2020.  Her life’s purpose is to evolve spiritually and help others do the same through education and ministry. 

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Our mission

Open Arms Metaphysical Church strives to nourish and empower communities through ministry and education.

our vision

Our vision is to empower humanity to embrace inner transformation, experience divine love, and accept oneness with All there is.

what we believe

Open Arms Metaphysical Church believes that The Most High exists in all things and all things exist in The Most High.

Who are we?



We lead by example. We promote a positive, safe learning environment and ensure that there is equity among students. We stand on the belief that every teacher sets a high bar for student achievement and have practices in place to make certain students reach their highest potential.


Our leadership team is comprised of well-versed and traveled educators who strive to meet the diverse needs of children and their families. Collectively, we have had a lasting impact on school districts nation-wide through coaching, training, and providing consultative services to leaders, teachers, and staffs.  Our trained and qualified personnel is excited to begin the leadership journey with you and your young leaders.



Our focus is on family and community.  As educators, we tend to the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and social needs of those we serve.  We prioritize community wellness and produce learners that are not only academically successful,  but dynamic leaders.


Our mission is to revolutionize education by providing access to coursework beyond the traditional curriculum to diverse groups of students through innovative classroom structures, holistic teaching practices, and hands-on applications.


 Our focus is on the whole child.  Progressive education will be the basis of Open Arms Community Leaders' learning practices which include hands-on learning, multi-age classrooms, and mentor-apprentice relationships.  We will focus on collaboration, social justice, and intrinsic motivation to not only produce great learners, but excellent people in general. 


Open Arms Community Leaders strives to improve the well-being and longevity of underprivileged communities by promoting personal development and empowerment through education and training.