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All Hands In


Open Arms Community Leaders is a community organization that focuses on spiritual and intellectual wellness to build strong communities.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness involves discovering your purpose in life through a Source higher than yourself. Attaining spiritual wellness means allowing spiritual principles to guide your life. You can balance your needs and connect to ALL around you. You understand that the Creator exists in you, works through you, and is All that is. Open Arms Community Leaders helps you achieve spiritual wellness through meditation/journaling groups, nature walks, mindfulness  practices, and classes that teach spiritual principles no matter your religion or belief system.

Image by Md Mahdi
Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness involves recognizing your creative abilities and engaging with them. It encourages us to acquire or expand our knowledge and skills which can bring mental clarity and enhance the mind. By becoming mentally aware, you open yourself to see your gifts and use them to build your community. To strengthen your intellectual wellness, Open Arms Community Leaders provides activities, classes, and groups to expand your knowledge and intellect.  We strive to be life-long learners.

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