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Support Group Session

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Open Arms Community Leaders is a community wellness outreach organization that focuses on spiritual and intellectual wellness to build strong communities through self healing.

Wellness is the active pursuit to understand and fulfill your individual human needs, which allows you to reach a state where you are flourishing and able to realize your full potential in all aspects of life. ~Welcoa


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Community Outreach
The Wellness Factor

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness involves discovering your purpose in life through a Source higher than yourself. Attaining spiritual wellness means allowing spiritual principles to guide your life. You can balance your needs and connect to ALL around you. You understand that the Creator exists in you, works through you, and is All that is. Open Arms Community Leaders helps you achieve spiritual wellness through meditation/journaling groups, nature walks, mindfulness  practices, and classes that teach spiritual principles no matter your religion or belief system.

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Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness involves recognizing your creative abilities and engaging with them. It encourages us to acquire or expand our knowledge and skills which can bring mental clarity and enhance the mind. By becoming mentally aware, you open yourself to see your gifts and use them to build your community. To strengthen your intellectual wellness, Open Arms Community Leaders provides activities, classes, and groups to expand your knowledge and intellect.  We strive to be life-long learners.



Dr. LaToya Major is an avid educator and life-long learner.  She is a mother of 3 wonderful children and wife of an amazing life partner. She is a sister and a daughter in families who support and love her. She earned degrees in middle grades and leadership education with the goal of supporting teachers and students in achieving academic excellence.  Beyond this work, LaToya found an interest in learning more about biblical principles, how these principles apply to everyday living, and life beyond the physical realm.  In seeking knowledge, she enrolled at the University of Sedona where she learned more about the spiritual aspects of life.  Here, LaToya earned a Doctor of Metaphysical Science and was ordained as a Metaphysical Minister and certified as a Metaphysical Practitioner in 2020.  Her life’s purpose is to evolve spiritually and help others do the same through education and service. 


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You Are Not Alone

A Supportive Hug

Support Group

As we work on our inner transformation and journey to spiritual and intellectual  wellness, we need support to stay spiritually grounded as we discover our true selves.

Packing Boxes

Volunteer Group

We are an organization for the community.  If you are interested in joining any of our volunteer opportunities or would like more details about opportunities, contact us.

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